Spotlight on China Campaign – Letter

The Pollyanna Pickering Foundation is backig Naturewatch in their campaign to encourage all supporters plus anyone else who wants to help improve the welfare of animals in China to write to the Chinese Embassy in London, expressing concerns in regards to the lack of animal protection laws in China.

The aim is for the Chinese Embassy to be inundated with thousands of letters to illustrate the huge global concern for the welfare of China’s animals. When the letters are opened, their message must be clear - To introduce without delay animal protection laws to stop the cruelty which is totally barbaric and totally unacceptable to mankind.

Please either compose your own letter making sure it includes the main points listed below:
* Urge the Chinese Embassy to introduce animal protection laws to stop the cruelty which is totally barbaric and completely unacceptable to mankind.
* China's growing demand for meat products, family entertainment and domestic pets.
* Address the letter to ‘Your Excellency’

Otherwise, you can use their template letter below. Add your name, address and signature, and if possible, a short paragraph with your own points of view.

Her Excellency Madame Fu Ying
Ambassador of the People's Republic of China
to the United Kingdom
49-51 Portland Place

Your Excellency,


For many years now the cruelty inflicted upon animals in China has flooded our newspapers, websites and television screens.

The terrible and extreme treatment of animals has no justification whatsoever. The barbaric treatment and slaughter of cats and dogs for food consumption is frankly sickening and shameful.

I want you to know I am deeply saddened and utterly appalled to learn that there are still no laws in place that offer protection against the acts of extreme cruelty to animals in China.

Your lack of action to enact animal protection laws in China is causing cruelty to millions of animals and is also causing enormous distress to both the citizens of China as well as citizens from all around the world who witness such cruelty via the international media and internet.

The shocking abuse that animals in China endure on a daily basis is totally unacceptable and I therefore urge you to address this matter with your government.

The introduction of animal welfare laws in China is a mandatory step to protect animals from cruelty.

I ask you to please urgently request your government to put into place laws to stop the unnecessary suffering endured by animals which has no place in any civilized society.

Yours faithfully

Your Name

Your Address