Worldwide Artists Nature Group (AFC)

Pollyanna is honoured to have been invited to become a signature member of this exclusive society of world-class nature artists. Based in Canada, WNAG are dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. The groups membership is strictly limited to just 500 artists world-wide.

The Worldwide Nature Artists Group's (WNAG) mission is to build a community of world-class artists who share a common interest in nature art and nature conservancy. Invited members derive exclusive opportunities to showcase their artwork to a global audience, while promoting the conservation of the natural world through art, education and special initiatives.

The WNAG was founded in 1997 by Jeffrey Whiting - a prominent nature artist, author and biologist who believes that working collectively with like-minded artists is the best approach to furthering the interests of both nature art and the conservation cause. They have since changed their name to Artists for Conservation. Since its inception, the WNAG has become one of the most progressive, exclusive and prestigious organisations in the world of nature art. To maintain the very high level of talent

The WNAG's strength lies in its membership, including a very strong roster of accomplished artists - many are also authors and leading environmentalists. The WNAG has received praise and endorsements from not only its members, but also peer groups such as the Society of Animal Artists, for its unique and innovative approach, state-of-the-art infrastructure and prestigious membership.

The WNAG is currently planning several ambitious projects including live events, shows, publications and group-sponsored travel. Pollyanna is also a member of The Widlife Art Society International, the Society of All Artists, the New York based Society of Animal Artists, and a signature member of the Society of Feline Artists

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