Wonderful World

June 2007 marked an astounding anniversary for Pollyanna.

From 23rd June – 1st July Pollyanna opened her private gallery at Brookvale House, Oaker, Matlock, DE4 2JJ for a special commemorative Exhibition, to celebrate the anniversary of her first painting expedition, twenty-one years ago. Visitors viewed over fifty original paintings, on public display for the very first time, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Following the incredible response to her acclaimed master work ‘The Millennium Triptych’, painted in 1999 to celebrate British wildlife at the start of the new century, Pollyanna also unveiled a brand new triptych ‘Living Planet’ – one of the most dramatic and ambitious works she has ever created

Pollyanna's determination to paint only animals which she has observed in their natural habitats has lead her into a remarkable and unique series of journeys into some of the most inhospitable areas of the globe. Her expeditions to study threatened species have taken her across five continents, from the jungles of India to the deserts of North America. She has painted big cats in the rain forests of Central America, and wolves in the forests of Transylvania. One of her most challenging expeditions took her to the wastelands of Siberia where she braved temperatures as low as -60 to paint the Amur Tiger. The award-winning book 'Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons' was inspired by Pollyanna’s most famous journey – she was the first westerner to visit a remote area of the Tibetan Borderlands of China where she worked in a clinic for rescued pandas. 'On Top of the World' tells of her expeditions into the High Arctic to paint polar wildlife, and visitors to the exhibition will have a preview of the forthcoming book ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ an account of her travels in India.

Exclusively on display will be the very first painting completed following Pollyanna’s most recent expedition into the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, to paint snow leopards, tigers, wolves, clouded leopards and other wildlife. Pollyanna was honoured to be awarded a fellowship by the Canada based Artists Foundation for Conservation in support of this journey. During the expedition she acted as ambassador for the group, carrying their official flag, and meeting with representatives of the WWF and Bhutanese government. Pollyanna is the first woman, and also the first European artist, ever to be awarded a A.F.C. fellowship.

Pollyanna's extensive ranges of greetings cards, fine art and signed limited edition prints, and a wide variety of gift ware featuring her designs, including stationery, china mugs, cross stitch and embroidery kits, collector’s plates and much more will be available throughout the exhibition. Several ranges are exclusive to the gallery, including signed sets of her postage stamps issued in Africa and first day covers for the Royal Mail.

Open 10.00 am - 8.00pm daily.

Admission Free

The Gallery Brookvale House, Oaker, Matlock, DE4 2JJ

The gallery will be AA Signposted throughout the exhibition.

Strictly by appointment only outside these dates.