Spotlight on China

"I urge you to join me in supporting Naturewatch for their Spotlight on China campaign to help the animals of China. The cruelty inflicted upon countless animals in China is horrific and must be stopped. Please join me and support Naturewatch's Spotlight on China campaign to demand the Chinese authorities to introduce animal welfare laws."

Left: Pollyanna visits the Naturewatch headquarters to learn more about 'Spotlight on China' from founder John Ruane (centre) and other members of staff

In her role as patron of Naturewatch, Pollyanna has given her backing to their new 'Spotlight on China Campaign'.

The Project's ultimate goal is to help the Chinese authorities introduce and enforce animal welfare laws for the purpose of protecting domestic, farmed and captive animals in China.

Heading the project is a team of some of the most experienced international animal welfare specialists, who are very knowledgeable on Asian affairs. They are in the process of training three carefully selected animal welfare groups in China on how to launch and effectively manage animal protection projects, whilst also building their communication and campaigning skills for the purpose of gaining support from, and working with, government officials.

The key to the project’s success is the establishment of a strong working relationship between the three local Chinese animal welfare groups and the local Chinese authorities. Two very successful Naturewatch projects that are still active today have provided the knowledge and expertise required for Naturewatch to embark upon their most challenging and immeasurable campaign yet – Spotlight On China.

Naturewatch have years of experience of working with people who’ve spent most of their lives under Communist rule, and although progress has been slow, commitment to their animal welfare needs and determination to understand their culture has paid off. Projects in Lithuania and Kyiv have equipped Naturewatch with the knowledge and experience to meet their goal of successfully introducing animal protection laws in China.

A petition was presented to Gordon Brown prior to his attendance at the Olympic games opening ceremony urging him to take the opportunity to discuss with President Hu Jintao of the People’s Republic of China the prospect of introducing animal welfare laws to offer protection to China’s animals.

Left: Pollyanna helps to care for a giant panda cub in a clinic in China

"I have been fortunate enough to travel through China to paint their incredible wildlife, and have seen first hand both the best and worst of their attitude to animals. The workers in the panda hospital where I stayed were incredibly dedicated and devoted to the animals in their care. It is vital we try to support work like this and also help the many thousands of animals who suffer needless cruelty in China." Click here to read more about Pollyanna's expedition into China.
Naturewatch, formed in 1991, is based in Gloucestershire, England and campaigns against cruelty to animals. For information, please visit their web site. Naturewatch are also the proud sponsors of World Animal Day.