Save the Highland Tiger

Pollyanna has pledged her support to Highland Tiger, a new project developed by the Wild Media Foundation to educate and raise awareness about the highly endangered Scottish Wildcat, our only remaining native feline.

As a predator, it plays a crucial role in our ecosystems and is rooted in Scotland’s natural heritage, an untameable spirit admired by the people of the Highlands for centuries.

Pollyanna was invited to add her name to the list of celebrity supporters of the project. “As a wildlife artist I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to observe and sketch the Scottish wildcat in the wild in Scotland, nearly 17 years ago. I will never forget the moment I first spotted a thick bottle-brush tail in the undergrowth after many many days of watching and waiting - and was finally able to capture this beautiful cat in my sketchpad."

"It is sobering to think that the last remaining large mammal predator in the British Isles is so perilously close to extinction, and it's vital to preserve this beautiful creature, which is part of our natural heritage, while we still have a window of opportunity. I hope very much that the Tiger of the Highlands will continue to roam the wilds of Scotland as it has for centuries.”

The painting ‘Highland Tiger’ above has been published as a limited edition print to support the conservation project. Just 250 copies will be available, numbered and signed by Pollyanna. The prints will be priced at £65.00 (unframed) with 50% of the proceeds going to Highland Tiger. They will be available online at, and at our ‘Celebration of Scotland’ exhibition, where the original canvas will also be unveiled for the first time, alongside other paintings of wildcats and Scottish wildlife. Click here to visit our online gallery and purchase Highland Tiger securely online.