Princess Elizabth de Croy 1921 – 2009

Pollyanna was very saddened to hear of the death of Princess Elizabeth de Croy, a tireless campaigner for the welfare on animals on the International Stage.

Princess Elizabeth worked tirelessly for animals all around the world for more than 40 years, seeking to stop cruelty and advance animal welfare legislation.

Pollyanna and Princess Elizabeth were fellow patrons of Naturewatch and the Princess also found time in her busy schedule to support several Pollyanna Pickering Foundation Projects - she is pictured above with Pollyanna helping to launch the 2005 Tiger Appeal. She was also a great admirer of Pollyanna's work - selling many cards over the years to help raise funds for her own animal shelter in Thiernay, France. Pollyanna was pleased to be interviewed for a French TV documentary about the Princess's remarkable life.

Princess de Croy, who carried the titles of Her Serene Highness Princess Elizabeth de Croy and Princess of Solre was descended from the Kings of Hungary, and became a highly respected international animal welfare advocate. The Princess was vice-president of the Paris based National Council for the Protection of animals, and was on the advisory board of WSPA and the RSPCA in the UK as well as being associated with countless other animal welfare organisations.

The Princess lead a fascinating life. Asked about a duel that was once fought over her favours, she replied, "It was so long ago! Nobody was killed, I'm relieved to say – just a trickle of blood".

Pollyanna commented "Princess Elizabeth was truly remarkable in her compassion and dedication to animal welfare. She dedicated her life to both saving individual animals at her own sanctuary and trying to protect animals from cruelty around the world. I will miss her greatly. Although the animal word has lost an incredible royal ambassador, I know her work will continue through the many organisations she so generously supported, and those who were inspired by her energy and commitment."