Pollyanna’s pictures to help Canal Restoration Society

Pollyanna has given her name to to a £35m restoration plan for the Derby and Sandiacre canal. Three of her paintings have been reproduced as collectors prints - and the society hopes to raise £50,000 through the work.

Pollyanna chose three paintings representing the bird life which live around waterways - two feature the iridescent kingfisher, while the third depicts a grey wagtail. "I felt that paintings of the specific canals would perhaps have a limited local appeal - I wanted to choose wildlife subjects which are relevant, but can be enjoyed and appreciated by a wide audience" Pollyanna commented.

"Much of my work is used to help endangered animals and habitats around the world, so I was pleased to have an opportunity to support a project in my own community. I think it is wonderful that the society's volunteers dedicate so much time and effort to keeping the canal system alive, and I am delighted my work can help raise much needed funds for the restoration".

Society member Yasmin Dowgun told us that prior to their publication, pre-orders of the pictures already totalled £4,000.00. "Pollyanna is so kind to have allowed us to make these copies of her work" she said "I am over the moon that she is being so supportive of our work, Her offer of support will benefit us greatly."

These unique prints will not be sold in the shops, but will be available to anyone making a donation of 50.00 to the society (donations of 100.00 will receive two prints, and 150.00 or more the set of three). The prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.