Pollyanna x-changes the arctic for the television studio

Viewers of CBBC's flagship programme X-Change will have seen Pollyanna talking about her expeditions to the High Arctic earlier this week

Pollyanna, who was honoured in last year's European Women of Achievement Awards for her international conservation work, travelled to the BBC studios in Shepherd's Bush to guest on the show. She joined presenters Jean Anderson and Tony Craig to talk bout her remarkable Arctic expeditions, which inspired her second book 'On Top of the World'. "We had a live satellite linkup to the arctic, a 'phone in for viewers to ask questions live on air - and two huskies with us in the studio, so there was plenty of scope for disaster on a live show" Pollyanna commented, "but miraculously everything went smoothly, despite the dire warnings about working with animals and children!"

Pollyanna lived with the native Innuit above the arctic circle, travelling by dog sledge and sleeping in tents and igloos at temperatures of -40 to paint polar bears and other arctic wildlife. Some of the pointing of arctic wolves will feature in her forthcoming Summer Exhibition in her private gallery in June. (contact us for further information).