Pollyanna wins Masterclass Challenge

Pollyanna is very pleased to have won the first 'Masterclass Challenge' organised by Wildscape, the UK's only national magazine dedicated to wildlife art.

The theme of the challenge was 'movement' and Pollyanna submitted her painting 'Speed of Flight' (above) depicting a kestrel in full stoop after its prey.

The judges of the award commented: "To convey movement whether gentle, fast or agressive is one of the most difficult aspects of pianting, whether it be wildlife or any other genre.

zoobPollyanna's image is very reminiscent of manfred Scatz approach. the eye is drawn automatically across the painting following the action of the bird. Wings blur as they begin to break the forward motion, the background, a suggestion only with a few deft streaks of colour. The positioning of the bird within the compsition, bottom right, almost about to fly completely out of the frame, suggests even more action to come as the kestrel makes contact with its prey."

The painting 'Speed of Flight' appears in Pollyanna's book 'A Brush with Wildlife' and depicts Zooberon, a kestrel cared before by Pollyanna in her wildlife sanctuary before being re-released into the wild. You can also read his remarkable story within the book.