Pollyanna Wins Environmental Concern Award

Pollyanna is honoured to have won the inaugural Envionmental Concern Award in the 2011 Wildscape Wildlife Artist of the Year Awards, for her dramatic painting 'What Have We Done...'.

"I am very honoured to have won this award" Pollyanna commented "as I always try to promote through my artwork an understanding and awareness of some of the environmental threats we face. It is rare that I have the opportunity to address this subject so directly, and I am delighted to have received this recognition in these prestigeous awards."

The artwork which includes elements of collage and lettering as well as fine painting, is a vision of a bleak future caused by environmental destruction. Pollyanna commented "sadly in some areas of the world this vision is already a reality - there are places where the forests have been slashed and burned and the land so badly polluted nothing will grow. This image is intended as an early warning - if we act now, we can still save some of the most vulnerable areas - from the rainforests in South America, to our own woodlands and hedgrows."

The original painting was exhibited for the first time at Pollyanna's 2011 winter exhibition held in her own Derbyshire Gallery, alonside over 50 other new pieces of work.

Pollyanna has received numerous awards and accolades for her paintings, including the Silver Palette Trophy and the Millennium Trophy bestowed by the Wildlife Art Society International who have also awarded her two Gold Medals. In 2004 she was awarded a coveted first prize in the Wildlife Artist of the Year Awards, and in 2007 won the first National Wildscape Masterclass Challenge. In 2006 the Artists for Conservation Foundation honoured her with their prestigeous Conservation Artist Award. In 2009 the Society of All Artists named her Professional Wildlife Artist of the Year in their annual awards.