Pollyanna Supports TWASI membership Drive

The Wildlife Art Society International are one of the largest and best recognised Wildlife Art Societies.

Based in the UK, with an annual exhibition held at the prestigious location of the Nature in Art museum in Gloucester and a new permanent gallery and headquarters in Bristol, they have an enthusiastic and growing membership from around the world.

However they are keen to continue to expand their community of artists, and have recently launched a membership drive. As one of the patrons of the society, Pollyanna is lending her support to this initiative saying “ whether you are a professional, enthusiastic amateur or a raw beginner, you will find a friendly and encouraging welcome and become part of an international group of artists who are united in their love of wildlife and the natural world. Benefits include the opportunity to exhibit work in regional and national exhibitions, attend workshops and outings and display your work on the society’s website and in their own gallery.

You will find encouragement, inspiration and practical advice as part of this worldwide community of artists”. The Society places great emphasis on wildlife conservation, encouraging its members to play an active part in the conservation of wildlife.

TWASI offers members a wide and varied programme of events throughout the year. These include workshops to help members to advance their artistic skills and opportunities to observe numerous species of animals, birds and other wildlife. Membership is open to artists, photographers and sculptors whose work includes wildlife as the prime subject, whether animals, birds, reptiles, wild flowers or wild landscapes and imposes no selection or submission procedures for new members.

If you are interesting in joining, you can find more information and a membership form online at www.twasi.com or phone 01934 641773 for a leaflet and application form.