Pollyanna is voted one of the ten Greatest East Midlanders

Pollyanna was very pleased - as well as somewhat surprised! - to find herself voted onto the final short list of the ten greatest East Midlanders of all time. Following on from the nation-wide vote to find the greatest Briton, the East Midlands Regional Assembly invited the public to nominate candidates from their own region. The ten who received the most votes then went on to a final poll in East Midlands Life magazine, and on the regional assembly web site.

Pollyanna found herself in extremely illustrious company - the ten finalists were (In alphabetical order) : Sir Richard Arkwright, pioneer of the industrial revolution ; Jesse Boot, founder of Boots the Chemist ; Lord Byron, the great romantic poet ; Francis Crick, winner of the Nobel prize for physiology and medicine for his pioneering work with James Watson into the double helix structure of DNA ; Ellen Macarthur, the youngest woman to sail around the globe single handedly ; Isaac Newton, the great mathematician and physicist ; Joe Orton the groundbreaking sixties playwright ; Pollyanna Pickering, the most published fine artist in the UK and committed world-wide conservationist ; Paula Radcliffe, the celebrated athlete ; Sue Townsend, best-selling author and creator of Adrian Mole.

A big Thank you to all those who voted in the poll!