Pollyanna becomes patron of The Wildlife Art Society International

Pollyanna is honoured to have accepted the post of patron of this prestigious Art Society.

She has enjoyed a long association with the group, exhibiting regularly at their annual exhibitions - where she has twice been awarded a gold medal - and was also presented with their commemorative Millennium Trophy recognising excellence in the field of wildlife art.

Pollyanna has performed the opening ceremonies at their exhibitions in Kent and Bristol, acted as official ambassador for the society at VIP evenings, presented awards on their behalf, and been a guest speaker at their AGM. She is looking forward very much to continuing her work with them in her new role as patron.

The Wildlife Art Society International was founded with the purpose of promoting a greater appreciation of the wildlife art genre and the animals, plants and wild places which provide the stimulus and inspiration for all such work. The Society acts as a forum for wildlife artists, providing opportunities for them to share their common interests and raise their individual profiles through Society exhibitions and other events

Her fellow patrons are wildlife artist David Shepherd (below right with Pollyanna), Curator of the Nature in Art Museum Simon Trapnell and the Marquess of Bath.