Pollyanna becomes Patron of the Friends of the Pavilion

Pollyanna has agreed to become a Patron of “The Friends of the Grand Pavilion”, a group supporting the regeneration of the disused Victorian Pavilion in Matlock Bath to create a multi purpose arts and entertainment centre.

Pollyanna was pleased to accept the post saying “I would like to offer my whole hearted support to this project. It is such a shame to see such a potentially beautiful and useful building lying disused and deteriorating. I have lived near Matlock for over thirty years and can testify from speaking to visitors to my exhibitions and talks throughout this time home much interest there is in the arts in the locality.”

“I believe we have an amazing opportunity to create a very exciting addition to the area’s facilities and a wonderful resource for the local community. The prospect of a multi function venue which would support exhibitions, theatre, talks, concerts and charitable events would not only enrich the area for the residents but also encourage tourism to the area providing a vital boost for local retailers and businesses.”

“I look forward to attending the first event!” Group Chairman, Gregor Macgregor (above) said: “Pollyanna helped us right at the start, when we seemed to be a ‘no-hope’ case! She has stuck with us all the way through to our current position.

“We now have a strong Charity registered and ready to take on a lease on the building and all the work involved in getting funding for our plans to be realised. Pollyanna’s support will help us to show that we have a wide following of supporters for our project”

Pollyanna joins former Blue Peter Presenter Simon Groom, who was the group’s first patron announced earlier this month.