Pollyanna becomes Guardian of Breast Cancer Haven

Pollyanna is pleased to have accepted the post of Guardian to this charity which offers support to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is pictured above at the inaugural brunch with Haven ambassador, TV presenter Gaby Roslin.

Breast Cancer Haven supports the physical and emotional needs of anyone affected by breast cancer.

Havens are welcoming day centres which offer free support, information and complementary therapies to help you before, during and after medical treatment. Pollyanna was successfully treated for breast cancer in 2004, and is pleased to offer her ongoing support to this wonderful organisation.

You can find out more about their valuable work here. Pollyanna continues in her support of other charities close to her heart, acting as patron of Naturewatch, the Badger Trust, Raptor rescue, FABLE, the Gamelea Country training trust, Trustee of the African / Asian Conservation trust and Vice president of the Wildlife Defence Fund.