Pollyanna becomes Global Ambassador for Wildlife Warriors

Pollyanna is honoured to have accepted the post of Global Ambassador for Australian based conservation group Wildlife Warriors.

Wildlife Warriors is an original initiative of Bare Essentials Magazine a unique eco-friendly adventure wildlife magazine, which aims to inspire people to explore, experience and appreciate the wild wonders of the earth.

To ensure a future for earths natural treasures, Bare Essentials Magazine recognises the need to support the endeavours of those dedicated to protecting and preserving wildlife through research, conservation projects and educational outreach programs. 25% of all sales of the magazine are donated to one of their international Conservation partners. Their current conservation partners include Panthera ‘Leaders in Wild Cat Conservation’, Freedom to Roam ‘Photography Conservation Project’, Vital Ground Foundation ‘Protecting and Connecting Critical Wildlife Habitats in the US and Canada’, The Snow Leopard Trust ’30 years Saving Snow Leopards’, and The Cheetah Conservation Fund ‘Education and Conservation to Save the Wild Cheetah’.

Founded in 2007 for the express purpose of raising funds and awareness for wildlife, the Wildlife Warriors Initiative began as a tribute campaign acknowledging people and foundations dedicated to conservation. Through collaboration with artists, authors and photographers willing to provide incentive rewards, Bare Essentials began organizing local events. The first official Wildlife Warrior event embraced the abilities and ambition of a group of primary school students who took part in a Run for the Cheetah raising over $1,000 on behalf of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. These spirited children encouraged their teachers to contact us after reading a post on the website.

Today, the range and dynamic of the initiative extends worldwide to all ages and encompasses a variety of fundraising concepts including chef’s hosting cook-off’s for conservation, athletes arranging events or registering personal challenges to promote and profit our wildlife partners. Pollyanna is delighted to be able to help promote the work of Wildlife Warriors Internationally

Beyond this, Bare Essentials magazine provides free media to non-profit foundations and incorporates an innovative advertising strategy which enables companies looking to affiliate their brand with conservation the opportunity to directly support wildlife by nominating the cost of advertising in our publication to one of their partners. The July/August 2011 issue also includes an exclusive ten page article about Pollyanna’s conservation work.

Visit their web site to find out more about their work

Wildlife Warriors Conservation Partners

Panthera : Leaders in Wild Cat Conservation - they are working to save 37 species including lions, tigers and leopards.

Vital Ground Foundation : helps preserve the threatened grizzly bear and other animals through the conservation of habitat - one acre at a time.

Freedom To Roam ‘Photography Conservation Project’.

Cheetah Conservation Fund : working o see a world in which cheetah live and flourish in co-existence with people and the environment.

Snow Leopard Trust : the world's leading authority on the study and protection of the endangered snow leopard.

Write a Story. Save Wildlife. Young Wildlife Writers Competition.

At the end of the 2011 Pollyanna had the difficult but enjoyable task of reading the many entries in the ‘Tales For Wildlife’ International Children’s writing competition.

Launching the competition was Pollyanna’s first act in her new role as Global Ambassador for Australian organisation Wildlife Warriors. Entrants were invited to submit a story inspired by any of the animals or subjects helped by Wildlife Warrior’s conservation partners – snow leopards, cheetahs or any other wild cat – or North American wildlife or wilderness areas. Winners in each of three age groups will receive award certificates, and a book or limited edition print signed by Pollyanna.

We are delighted to announce that overall winning story is ‘The Lesson of the Cheetah’ by nine year old Jenna Townsend from Houston, Texas.

Click here to read the winning entry, and for a full list of winners.

For every signature on this petition Bare Essentials magazine will donate $1 to Panthera Wild Cat Conservation. Sign your name as a Wildlife Warrior and make this your first action for conservation!