Pollyanna becomes a Trustee of the Irish African/Asian Conservation Trust

Pollyanna is continuing in her quest to help save endangered species around the world by accepting a post as trustee of the African Asian Conservation Trust.

The charity, which is based in Dublin, was founded in 1991 by Rosemary Rudd. Since then they have campaigned tirelessly to stop the illegal poaching of elephants, rhino's, gorillas and tigers - a species very much at the forefront of Pollyanna's thoughts following her recent safaris in India.

A close encounter with a wild tiger left her shaken, but more determined than ever that this magnificent cat must not be allowed to become extinct in the wild. "Seeing a huge wild tiger exploding out of the undergrowth just feet away from me, roaring and snarling, brought home to me just how different these animals are in their natural domain from the listless, bored creatures we see in zoos", Pollyanna commented. "The naturalist we were working with fears that tigers will be entirely extinct in the wild in just 10 years, and I would urge everybody to support the work done by the African/ Asian conservation trust.

Pollyanna in a sanctuary for orphaned tiger cubs

The trusts main aims are to conserve the natural environment, especially wildlife by assisting voluntary, non governmental organisations world wide. As a small body, it sees its' most effective role to be in assisting particular, critical facets of their work.

Projects which have received their support include Daphne Sheldrick's wonderful Elephant Orphanage in Tsavo , East Africa, the Mountain Gorillas of the Virunga, and the Elephant hospital in Lampang, north of Thailand.

They also have a speaker who is available to lecture in schools in Ireland as part of their campaign to educate and inform the next generation about vital conservation work

If you would like to make a donation, or would like any further information about the charity's work, please 'phone 0128 566782.