Pollyanna Backs Compassionate Shopping Guide

The new Naturewatch Compassionate shopping Guide is now on sale. There is much confusion regarding cruelty free claims made by manufacturers. Naturewatch believe that consumers should be able to decide for themselves which products they wish to purchase. visit www.naturewatch.org for more information.

The guide is endorsed by several celebrities:

"I have found the Naturewatch Guide invaluable in guiding me through the maze of toiletries and household products available - I would encourage anyone who genuinely cares about using cruelty free products to use the indispensable guide"
Pollyanna Pickering

"As consumers we have more power than we give ourselves credit for. By selective shopping we have the power to stop animal testing"
Toyah Willcox (singer/actor)

"Today we are given a choice of what to buy. If you believe in any sort of campaign against cruelty to animals, there is no longer any need to settle for second best."
Dame Judi Dench (actor)

"Only by shopping effectively, using the pounds in our pockets to pinch their profits will we make an immediate difference. Please be considerate and compassionate and use the guide effectively."
Chris Packham (Wildlife TV Presenter)

"I totally support the compilation of the Naturewatch Guide. many people would be appalled to know they are subscribing to dubious sources without realising it"
Miranda Richardson (actor)

"Wherever possible animals should not be used where there are alternatives. I would hope to see a complete stop on the use of animals eventually"
Sean Hughes (comedian)