Pollyanna awarded Millenium Trophy

Pollyanna has been honoured with a prestigeous National Award.

Pollyanna has been selected by the Wildlife Society of Artists to receive their special Millennium Trophy for Wildlife Art. The award winning paintings were chosen during the society's annual exhibition, which this year was held in Bristol, in association with the Wildscreen awards - the 'Oscars' of the wildlife film industry. The judges decided that the depth and quality of Pollyanna's portfolio of work meant that she should be the recipients of this prestigious trophy in the millennium year.

Pollyanna is highly respected in the world of wildlife art for her ongoing project to paint endangered species in their natural habitats around the world. her travels have taken her from the frozen wastelands of the high arctic to the heat of Arctic to the heat of Africa and India. Her most famous journey took her into some of the remotest areas of China to sketch and paint the highly endangered giant pandas. Four of the five paintings which earned Pollyanna the Millennium Trophy were the result of her most recent working expedition into the rain forests of Central America. Pollyanna has to overcome her fear of scorpions and tarantulas, and endure temperatures of up to 103ºF to return with sketches of endangered and elusive big cats, including jaguars, ocelots and margays, as well as rare tree frogs, parrots and snakes.

The beautiful cut crystal trophy will now go on display in Pollyanna's private gallery, which is opened to the public for special exhibitions just twice a year.