Pollyanna Attends Compassion in World Farming Gala Dinner

Pollyanna was pleased to be one of the special guests at the CIWF gala dinner at the end of October.

CIWF carry out hard hitting political lobbying, investigations that expose cruelty to farm animals and high profile campaigns designed to achieve better standards and happier lives for farmed animals everywhere. Pollyanna has long been a supporter of their excellent work, and has been commissioned to design Christmas Cards exclusively for them.

During the evening. one of Pollyanna's sketches of a pheasant was auctioned - contributing towards the wonderful total of £55,000 raised on the night. Other celebrity guests included Joanna Lumley (pictured above with Pollyanna), ex model and sanctuary owner Celia Hammond, and actresses Alexandra Bastedo and Sue Jameson who hosted the glittering occasion

CIWF has a tremendous track record in achieving real change for farm animals. If you would like to find out more about their work, call 01730 264208 or visit their web site www.ciwf.co.uk