Launch of Animated Nature

Pollyanna enjoyed attending the launch of the poetry anthology ‘Animated Nature’ on the 6th March. One of Pollyanna’s kingfisher paintings features on the front cover of the book, which features a selection of work by the poet Richard Bonfield. Pollyanna, Richard Bonfield, Virginia McKenna (left)

Richard is the Born Free Foundation’s Poet in Residence, and the event, which included a display of Pollyanna’s work, was also attended by Born Free founder Virginia McKenna. A raffle was held on the day, in aid of Born Free and the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation, and we are very grateful to Richard for his generous donation of £60.00, which contributed towards the rescue fund for Polly the Moonbear.

Richard’s work first came to Virginia’s attention when she read his poem ‘The Beautiful Alphabet’ where a child asks her parents where the tigers, elephants, and dolphins have gone.

“They have buried themselves in our imagination”, they replied, “Then they switched out the light in their daughter’s eyes.”

Last year, to commemorate Born Free’s 25th Anniversary, Richard wrote a follow-up poem, “The Born Free Alphabet”, which he read at the launch. This time the child asks: what were zoos, circuses and dolphinariums?

“we fought for years to close them down” said the father, to exorcise the dreadful stain That caused the wild things so much pain And now the zoos are all extinct And bullrings turned to skating rinks And dolphins surf the coral seas with smiles that say ‘We’re all born free’ Then they switched on the light in their daughter’s eyes.”

Pollyanna and Richard were kept busy throughout the afternoon signing copies of the book, which will alsobe available from Pollyanna’s gallery during her winter exhibition ‘Once Upon a Time….”
Pollyanna and Richard are currently collaborating on a book of poetry and paintings which will celebrate the work of The Born Free Foundation.

Click here to buy Animated Nature - A donation of £6.00 will be made to The Born Free Foundation from every purchase.