Gold Medal for Tranquility

2003 ended on a high note for Pollyanna when she was presented with the top award to be bestowed at The Wildlife Art Society's International exhibition.

Pollyanna's original painting 'Tranquillity' was chosen by the panel of judges as the best painting on show out of more than 300 exhibited. This year the exhibition featured the work of top wildlife artists from India, the USA and Australia as well as Europe. First staged in Bristol, it then moved to Kent for a further week in November.

Pollyanna was also one of the three finalists for the prestigious Chris Parsons Award for a portfolio of work.

'Tranquillity' shows the banks of the river Derwent, which flows through the field behind Pollyanna's Peak District home. Although originally intending to paint a simple landscape, Pollyanna did not feel it was complete without a little bit of wildlife - and added a heron flying up from the river bank.

The heron, 'Harry' was in fact one of Pollyanna's patients in her bird sanctuary some years ago. Brought in by a fisherman, he had been shot at and lost all the flight feathers from one wing. Harry needed to be kept in an aviary until his natural moult, when his feathers grew back and he could be re-released. He then thanked Pollyanna for her care and kindness by visiting to her garden pond every day until he had emptied it of goldfish!

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