Behind the Scenes of the BBC’s Cash in the Attic!

Viewers of a celebrity edition of the popular antiques programme will have spotted Pollyanna attending a special Born Free Foundation Auction.

The programmes presenters visited Born Free Founder Virginia McKenna at her offices to find valuable items which could be auctioned to raise much needed funds for the charity.

Pollyanna and her daughter and business partner Anna-Louise were invited to attend the televised auction, which was also followed by an additional auction of specially donated items including number one of Pollyanna's limited edition print 'Tiger River' (shown above with Cash in the Attic Presenters Angus Purden and Paul Hayes).

Several people have commented to us that they were surprised to see Anna-Louise bidding on a print of a lion during the programme - but we can reveal that these shots are fact just a little bit of television trickery! The only lot which Anna-Louise bid for - and indeed was lucky enough to win - was a set of three first edition 'Born Free' books by Joy Adamson, signed by Virginia. A little editing before the programme was broadcast means that in the world of television, another guest purchased the books, while Anna-Louise was seen bidding for a picture! Don't believe everything you see on T.V...

The event was a fabulous success raising nearly £20,000 for The Born Free Foundation.
The Pollyanna Pickering Foundation was pleased to present a cheque for £1550.00 towards their work during the evening.