Advertising campaign for RSPCA

The RSPCA have commissioned Pollyanna to supply two pieces of artwork for their dramatic and high-profile national advertising campaign to call for the protection of badgers.

The hard-hitting adverts have been placed in most National newspapers as well as many magazines and regional publications, and were discussed on the BBC news on both national television and radio.

The link between badgers and the spread of bovine TB has yet to be conclusively proven. Research has shown that almost 90% of badgers do not carry the disease, and there is new evidence to suggest that culling of badgers within infected areas may worsen the problem by spreading the disease into previously uncontaminated areas.

The campaigns by the RSPCA and The Badger Trust seem to have had some impact - - the government announced that their postponement of a vote on badger culling to allow more time for discussion and presentation of facts was due to 'public opinion'. Pollyanna hopes practical ways can be found to reduce bovine TB in both the badger and cattle populations without the need for a mass cull.