A Brush With Wildlife

Pollyanna is delighted to announce that her long-awaited third book 'A Brush With Wildlife' is now available. The book tells the story of the wildlife sanctuary which Pollyanna ran from her home for fifteen years.

Lavishly illustrated with sketches, paintings and photographs on every page, it tells the heart-warming, amusing and inspirational stories of many of the birds and animals cared for by Pollyanna and her team of helpers. the book provides a unique insight into Pollyanna's life and work, and reveals the real life stories of many of the birds and animals featured in her most famous paintings.

The book also includes a portfolio of thirty paintings of British Wildlife and landscapes, and a faithful reproduction of the 'Millennium Triptych' - the remarkable work painted by Pollyanna to celebrate the start of a new century.

The book ends with an extended biography, tracing the fascinating rise of Pollyanna's career - from scouting jumble sales to find frames for her paintings, to selling her work in eighty countries world-wide.

The forward to the book has been written by respected naturalist David Bellamy, and the preface by Twiggy, who is patron of the Halcyon Haven Animal Sanctuary.

'Fascinating and Warm-heated... Lavishly illustrated... this book describes with touching clarity how Pollyanna was able to draw on these experiences to develop her artistic talent.'
Review in Countryside magazine

'A wonderfully rich addition to any art or nature-lovers library'
David Bellamy

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