Pollyanna Pickering Studio
Visit our online gallery where we are pleased to offer an exclusive range of fine art limited edition prints, each individually numbered and signed by Pollyanna. All of Pollyanna's books are also available for purchase online. All the latest images to be published can be purchased securely, direct from this site so that you can enjoy Pollyanna's sensitive and enchanting paintings in your own home.

Pollyanna Pickering Foundation Online Store
This online store offers unique merchandise,featuring the artwork of Pollyanna Pickering and photography of Anna-Louise Pickering on tote bages, stationery and giftware. All profits support the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation's conservation and rescue projects. All products are exclusive to the online shop, and cannot be purchased anywhere else!

The Badger Trust
Pollyanna is the first patron of The Badger Trust which promotes the conservation and welfare of badgers and the protection of their setts and habitats. They are the leading voice for badgers and represent and support around 80 local voluntary badger groups. The Badger Trust provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with MPs, the police and other conservation and welfare organisations.

Raptor Rescue
Pollyanna is a patron of this national charity which advises on the rescue and re-release of birds of prey,and supports rehabilitators and wildlife hospitals.

Pollyanna is a patron of this campaigning organisation who work tirelessly for animal welfare around the world. Visit their web site for details of their ongoing campaigns, and news of events planned for World Animal Day.

Wildlife Warriors
Pollyanna is Global Ambassador for Australian based conservation group Wildlife Warriors. Wildlife Warriors is an original initiative of Bare Essentials Magazine a unique eco-friendly adventure wildlife magazine, which aims to inspire people to explore, experience and appreciate the wild wonders of the earth.

Pollyanna is a patron of this national charity which offers support to sufferers of severe epilepsy.

Alexandra Bastedo Sanctuary
Pollyanna is proud to be patron of the ABC Animal Sanctuary. Alexandra Bastedo has run an animal sanctuary for the last 30 years. Her first animal rescue was a donkey, and her sanctuary is now home to over 150 creatures, including donkeys, ponies, miniature shetlands, cats, poultry, sheep and pigs. Many people will be most familiar with Alexandra as an actress, especially for her iconic role in 'The Champions'. Pollyanna is pleased to have illustrated two of Alexandra's books - 'The Healthy Dog' and 'The Healthy Cat'.

North Derbyshire Animal Support
Pollyanna and her daughter Anna-Louise are patrons of this charity - a small group of pasionate animal lovers who donate their time in helping to care for the welfare of all kinds of animals and run a charity shop in Bolsover, near Chesterfield.

N/a’an ku sê
The Pollyanna Pickering Foundation is please to support this rescue and rehabilitation centre and wildlife sanctuary in Namibia

The Born Free Foundation
Pollyanna is a long term supporter of the work of this excellent organisation, founded by actress and conservationist Virginia McKenna, who wrote the forewords for 'Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons' and 'The Eye of the Tiger'

The Wildlife Art Society International
Pollyanna is a patron of this Society dedicated to the promotion of Wildlife Art internationally.

The Ann Van Dyk Cheetah and Wildlife Trust
Pollyanna acts as a UK ambassador for this remarkable organisation, dedicated to ensuring the survival of wild cheetahs in South Africa.

Gamelea Countryside Training Trust
Pollyanna is patron to this remarkable charity which provides employment and training for adults with learning disabilities.

Fondation Brigitte Bardot
Film Legend Brigitte Bardot has dedicated her life to caring for and campaigning on behalf of animals. She wrote the foreword to the book 'On Top of the World', and Pollyanna's foundation co-operated on a campaign to outlaw seal clubbing in the Canadian Arctic. Visit the web site to learn of recent campaigns.

The Wildlife Defense Fund
Pollyanna is Honorary International Vice President of this wonderful organisation, founded by Bill Jordan OBE

African/Asian Conservation Trust
Pollyanna is trustee of this conservation organisation based in Ireland.

Stop Elephant Polo
Pollyanna has joined other conservationists including Virginia McKenna, Dame Daphne Sheldrick and Dr Benjamin Zephaniah to support this initiative which raises awareness of cruelty to elephants used in polo matches. We would also urge you to visit The Wildlife Trust of India to find more about their excellent work to help wildlife throughout India

Highland Tiger
Pollyanna has joined other conservationists including Chris Packham to support this project developed by the Wild Media Foundation to educate and raise awareness about the highly endangered Scottish Wildcat, our only remaining native feline

Tiger Tiger
Pollyanna is pleased to be involved with the Tiger Tiger project - a group of poets, writers and artists working together to raise a collective voice of concern over the plight of this beautiful creature. A collaborative book is being panned.

Richard Bonfield - Poet
Pollyanna is pleased to have provided the cover image for the latest anthology of poetry by the Born Free Foundation's poet in residence. Visit his website to purchase the book, and read more of his poetry.

Pollyanna's work is available to buy at numerous web sites, including from many of the charities who have commssioned work specially to help raise funds. There are well over 1,000 sites offering her work internationally - far too many to link to here! However a couple of links below may prove helpful.

Animal Gift Club
A wide range of Pollyanna's cards open edition prints and giftware are available through her publishers Otter House Ltd's online shop

Calendar Club UK
The UK's largest retailer of calendars stocks all of Pollyanna's fine art calendars. Last year her 'Owls' calendar was their number one best seller in the wildlife category.

Creative Crafting World
Creative Crafting World create exclusive papercrafting products from Pollyanna's artwork

Pollyanna Pickering Prints
This site offers a wide selection of pictures published in the 1970's and 1980's, now out of print.

American Visitors to our site might find the following links useful:

Bradford Exchange
Click on the above link to select Pollyanna's deogns on yor personal checks and checkbook covers.

This mail order site offers a very comprehensive range of Pollyanna's prints and giftware.

Discover Derbyshire and the Peak District
If you are planning a visit to Derbyshire or the Peak District, this web site provides lots of information to help you make the most of your trip including accomodation, events and details of walks:

King Street Picture Framing
We recommend King Street Framing for Pollyanna's for bespoke framing of Pollyanna's images in Derbyshire. Their Sister Shop Sew n Sew needlecraft also carries a wide range of Pollyanna's Cross Stitch Kits

Brampton Picture Framing
Offers specialist picture framing services for a wide range of budgets.