Foreword by Virginia McKenna

We are pleased to announce that actress and conservationist Virginia McKenna, founder of The Born Free Foundation, has written the foreword to Pollyanna's forthcoming book ‘The Eye of the Tiger’.

Pollyanna and Virginia have become friends since Pollyanna’s journey to see the rescued tigers in Bannaghatta, and Virginia previously wrote the forward for Pollyanna’s first book
‘Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons’.

Left: Pollyanna and Virginia (right) share a joke while co-signing copies of Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons

Within the foreword Virginia writes:

“I feel I have travelled every step of the way with Pollyanna and Anna-Louise on their Indian Journey. Shared with them the exhilaration,, wonder, fun and all the other myriad experiences they had as they sought the elusive tiger, symbol of India…..I hope this illuminating book will open many eyes and stir many hearts”

Pollyanna has been very pleased to support the work of Born Free and has designed exclusive Christmas cards for the Foundation, as well as raising funds through her own charitable foundation to support several of their projects, including the rescue of orphan polar bears in the Arctic, a programme of wolf inoculation in Ethiopia and the building of a new sanctuary for rescued lions in South Africa.

The Eye of the Tiger will be published late October 2007. Click here for further information or to buy online.

Pollyanna and Anna-Louise's fourth bookThe Eye of the Tiger is the beautifully illustrated story of two expeditions to India recounting their unique experiences – working with project tiger rangers; being given an orphan sloth bear as a birthday gift; facing a charging tiger and living to tell the tale. At the heart of this absorbing travel journal is the majestic tiger and the heroic efforts of all those who strive to ensure its survival in the wild.

The book is due for release late October 2007

Virginia previously wrote the foreword for Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons.

“I opened the book and saw the endearing, enchanting images of Pollyanna's pandas,. I began to read Anna-Louise's fascinating, amused and informed diaries, and I knew I was about to travel with them both on an unforgettable and perhaps unrepeatable journey.......”

Virginia McKenna,
Actress and founder of the Born Free Foundation