Current Campaigns

The Pollyanna Pickering Foundation works ceaselessly on behalf of suffering and endangered animals worldwide. Below are just a few of our current campaigns.

Cheetah Education Programme

Ninety percent of Namibia's wild cheetah live on farmlands and come into conflict with farmers and livestock and game farming interests. We are currently aiming to raise US$5,000.00 to fund a specific environmental education program for the farming community.

This would enable The Cheetah Conservation Fund education team to conduct a weeklong training course for 30 farmers, and extension officers. CCF’s courses are aimed at improving the understanding of farming production principles and systems as well as providing hands-on practical training.

In addition to tackling topics such as cattle husbandry, herd and veld management, disease and vaccination programmes, business principles, inventorying conservancy resources, basic conservation training on sustainable wildlife utilisation and the role and value of predators and predator kill identification as well teaching other ‘predator-friendly’ farming practices.

Over 1000 participants have undergone training at CCF’s Centre, and are one of the most important factors in ensuring the continued survival of cheetahs in the wild. A percentage of all sales at Pollyanna's 2013 Summer exhibition will be donated to this project, as will 50% of all sales of the Limited Edition print 'Kekay and Her Cubs' (above)

This painting was inspired by the winning entry in the Wildlife Warriors Tales for Conservation writing competition

Help Care for Polly Bear

When Pollyanna visited China in January 2010 to gather sketch Giant pandas and Amur Tigers for her exhibition ‘Beyond the Great Wall’, she was delighted to take the opportunity to visit a wonderful rescue sanctuary near to the city of Chengdu.

In countries across Asia, thousands of bears live a life of torture on bear farms, so that their bile can be extracted and used in traditional medicine to cure ailments. Bears are confined in cages which vary from agonisingly tiny "crush" cages to larger pens, all of which cause terrible physical and mental suffering.

The Animals Asia Foundation has created a wonderful sanctuary where bears rescued from a life of unmitigated misery can enjoy everything they were denied on the farms.While Pollyanna and Anna-Louise were at the sanctuary news came through of a further 12 bears awaiting rescue from a bile farm in Vietnam where the practise is now illegal.

Pollyanna was delighted to be able to present Jill Robinson with a cheque for £5,200.00 to fund the rescue of one of the bears, and his safe transfer to the foundations’ sister sanctuary in Vietnam. Read the story of the rescue here. We are now fundraising for 'Polly' bear's ongoing care at the sanctuary.

Alternatively Click here to make a secure online donation of £10.00 towards Polly's care

Adopt a Painted Dog

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped support our Painted Dogs appeal.

Thanks to a percentage of all the sales from Pollyanna’s Painted with Pride exhibition, along with the money raised by our prize draw, sales of tea and coffee during the summer exhibition and some very generous individual donations, we managed to raise our target of £8,700.00 – the equivalent of $94,0000.00 Namibian dollars. This money has funded the building of an enclosure (above) at the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia.

The rescued pups Boris, Robert, Rudie, Nesha, Wiko, Mogwai, Cali, Magic and Kevala have grown so much since their arrival at N/a’an ku sê and are now fighting fit, and continue to grow and develop every week. They need adoptive parents to help provide the food, shelter and veterinary care they need to ensure their welfare. Click here to read the latest on The Pollyanna Pickering Foundation appeal to help orphaned painted dog pups in Namibia.

Adopt a pup for £65.00 per year.

In return for your sponsorship you will receive:

  • A personalised certificate with photo of your adopted animal
  • Quarterly updates with stories and photos of your adopted animal
  • Personal access to the Animal Blog with stories and photos of all the animals at N/a’an ku sê
  • News from the N/a’an ku sê farm all throughout the year
  • An invitation to visit your adopted animal anytime you like
  • EXCLUSIVE Everyone who adopts a painted dog pup through the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation will be entered into a draw to win a copy of the Painted dogs limited edition (Above). A winner will be drawn every time 10 adoptions have been purchased.

Click Here to adopt a painted dog pup securely online

Ethiopian Orphanage Appeal

As part of our commitment to work with the communities as well as the wildlife in the countries Pollyanna visits on expedition, we are currently supporting a remarkable facility for children in Ethiopia.

While in Ethiopia to study and paint the Simian Wolf, one of the rarest canines in the world, Pollyanna visited the Child Care Centre Hohite Misrakin the town of Harar.

Ethiopia is among the poorest countries in the sub-Sahara region of Africa. The country suffers from repeated droughts, and other natural disasters leaving millions of hungry, weakened people susceptible to disease. It is estimated that a million children have lost one or both children to the HIV virus in the last two decades. A large number of Ethiopian Children are poverty stricken and illiterate.

The Child Care Centre offers a beacon of hope for children orphaned by conflict, Aids or other diseases. Children between the ages of 5 and 8 are taken into the centre, where they can stay until they are 15. They are accepted regardless of sex, tribe, ethnic identity or religion – some have lost both patents, others have one or both parents who are totally unable to support them. All the children are provided with a safe, clean environment, all attend school and have the chance to go on to further education – giving them an invaluable opportunity in a country where only 38% of the population are literate to secure better living conditions in the future for them and their families.

The centre is currently caring for 131 children – with only three adult members of staff! This means the children have to learn to be self-sufficient at a young age – responsible for cleaning their own dormitories, cooking and washing.

During her visit Pollyanna toured the centre, visiting the children’s sleeping quarters, before having the opportunity to meet all 131 residents. “I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the centre” Pollyanna commented “But shocked at how spartan and basic the facilities are. Many of the children do not have a single toy of their own. When they arrive at the orphanage, they often only have the one set of clothes they are wearing – and nothing spare to wear while these are being washed.” The washing facilities are in fact big stone troughs out in the yard! However the children do have a lovely green play area outside – and the orphanage also has its own herd of cattle, which provide milk for the children, and helps them to learn farming practices and animal care.

When Pollyanna arrived, the children were all gathered in the communal hall for a sing along, and were very happy to regale their visitor with some of their favourite songs. Pollyanna took the opportunity to chat to several of the children through the centre manager who translated for her.

“I was very inspired by my visit” Pollyanna said, “and have promised to try and help through my Foundation.”

The Foundation helps in two ways :

We send regular packages of clothes and toys to the centre.

We are also fund-raising to create a reference library for the children. They have received a grant to build a lovely new library room, complete with shelves and desks, but have no money to buy books, and the shelves are currently empty.
How You can help :

We urgently need donations of used children's clothes, in good condition, suitable for ages 5 – 13, as well as any children’s toys (except those which use batteries). These can be dropped off at and exhibitions in Pollyanna's private gallery, or taken to any of Pollyanna’s talks – or contact us for alternatives.

If you are able to make a contribution, no matter how small, towards our initial target of £3,000 to equip the library, please contact us. Click here to make a secure online donation of £10.00 towards the library appeal

If you prefer to make a donation by cheque please Click here for a printable form