Talk : On Top of the World *Pollyanna Pickering Foundation Event*

Date : 19th October  7.30pm

Talk : On Top of the World

Venue : Stourbridge:  New Road Methodist Church Stourbridge, DY8 1PA


Details : If your image of a typical arctic explorer is of someone tall, butch, rugged and hairy, then this talk by Pollyanna will challenge your preconceived ideas! Accompanied by her daughter and business partner Anna-Louise Pollyanna, undertook the toughest of all her expeditions – a journey into the high arctic in search of polar bears.

Travelling across the frozen arctic ocean by husky dog sledge, and camping in tents and igloos, the two women endured temperatures as low as -40ºc. Although they swore never to return, this recently updated talk includes images and paintings from their second expedition, searching for migrating females and cubs.

Tickets £5 including tea and biscuits.

All proceeds will be split 50/50 between the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation, and New Road Church. To book contact Trevor Manning 01384 371864


“On top of the World is a fascinating account of two women’s experiences in the high arctic…. this is a very personal account given with great insight and humour.”
Wildscape magazine

Talk: Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons

Date: 23rd October 7.30pm

Talk: Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons

Venue : Macclesfield : Civic Hall,  Palmerston St Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire


Details : Visitors will be welcome to join the Bollington Art Group for this special open evening, offering the opportunity to follow award-winning wildlife artist Pollyanna and her daughter Anna-Louise on their travels into the Tibetan borderlands in her quest to paint one of the most iconic of all animals — the Giant Panda — and see the spectacular paintings that resulted from the expedition.

A lavishly illustrated book about the trip has been published – and Anna-Louise was honoured to be a finalist in Cosmopolitan’s Woman of the Year Awards for her writing and photography. Both Pollyanna and Anna-Louise will be pleased to sign copies of the book following the talk.

Find full details, and contact the organisers at

Talk: Here be Dragons….

Date: 28th October 7.30pm

Talk: Here be Dragons….

Venue : Sheffield : Methodist Church 8 Stubbin Lane Firth Park Sheffield S5 6QL


Details : Pollyanna is pleased to return to the church to present her brand new talk about her most recent expedition into the jungles of Borneo.

Here she journeyed by river boat deep into the rainforests of the Tanjung Puting National Park – one of the world’s only protected areas of tropical jungle. Pollyanna trekked into the forests to visit the rehabilitation centres where many of the orang-utans who have been released back in to the wild visit feeding platforms for meals of milk and bananas. There is nowhere else in the world you can see so many wild orangutans in their natural home – and Pollyanna made the most of this opportunity to fill her sketch folders. She also journeyed to the islands of Komodo in search of the legendary Dragons…..

A fund-raising evening for the church – all welcome. Tickets £5.00 including refreshments.  To book tickets Tel 01142453621 or 01226351897

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