Badger Watch

The campaign, "Badger watch" raised funds to pay for the materials needed to rebuild artificial badger setts and tunnels at a sanctuary in Northumberland for use in the rehabilitation and release of orphaned badgers.

The foundation also joined forces with Naturewatch to promote their badger campaign. Naturewatch became involved with badgers some years ago after paying for surveillance equipment to enable a Welsh badger group to investigate badger diggers, and continues to fund monitoring work. During this time it became clear that the persecution of badgers was viewed as low priority by many police forces.

The campaign seeks to make badger crime a recordable offence. A cross party group of MPs including Nigel Jones and Tony Banks have tabled an early day motion on this issue. Naturewatch are encouraging the pubic to write to their local MPs, the Prime Minister and their local Police forces about badger crime.

The campaign has received much celebrity support- as well as Pollyanna, Sarah Duchess of York, Hayley Mills, Jilly Cooper, Melvyn Bragg, Joan Plowright, Dame Judi Dench, John Hurt, Julian Clary, Alexei Sayle and twenty more prominent figures from the worlds of politics and entertainment have written letters. Find out more about the campaign at

"On behalf of all the badgers at Wildlife in Need, I thank the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation for the donation for refurbishment of our badger setts. It is just wonderful. I peeped into the bedchambers tonight and there were 3 sows curled up in a happy heap snoring their heads off - magic."

Lisa Bolton, Wildlife in Need