New York Award for Pollyanna

We are proud to announce that Pollyanna has been honoured with a posthumous award in recognition of her ‘Outstanding Contribution to Arts and Culture’at a glittering ceremony in New York.


Pollyanna’s daughter and Business partner Anna-Louise was very honoured and moved to be invited to attend the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Awards at the New York Museum Of Art and Design in New York.  She is pictured above accepting the award onstage at the gala event.

The award takes the form of an angel-like figure, and was created in Italy. Painted Ferrari red, it is finished with 24 carat gold.  The spectacular trophy will be displayed in the gallery during a forthcoming exhibition of Pollyanna’s artwork which runs from 22nd – 30th June in her private gallery in Derbyshire – find full details here

Presenting the award, Viviana Puiello Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine said “Celebrated UK artist and activist Pollyanna Pickering was an acclaimed name in the realm of animal and wildlife artistry who illustrated the remote wilderness and fragile habitats with unparalleled accuracy and perfection in her lifetime. Each of her gleaming works is representational of her tireless campaign to restore the world’s violated Ecosystem. With immaculate attention to details, this champion of environmental conservation wanted to create a caveat, and an appeal to the world as a whole to save the injured, orphaned, and endangered species continuously threatened by extinction.”

“The eye-catching, sharp realism exhibited in her wildlife portfolio is due to the real-life interaction, and exchange between Pickering and the wild animals she sheltered in her lifetime. Her work was a mirror of their beauty, and a message that they too have a right, and purpose in this world.”

Pollyanna’s original artwork was included in an exhibition which ran at a manhatten gallery to co-incide with the awards ceremony, and the following day Anna-Louise appeared on a Manhatten Arts ShowTV show filmed at the MNN studios to speak about the award and Pollyanna’s life and work.