Bid Now for Snow Leopard Painting!

On 12th October Pollyanna will be one of the special guests at the Explorers against Extinction Event at the Royal Geogrpahical Society in London.  She has also donated a unique piece of original artowrk to be auctioned – and you have the opportunity to pace bids online for her portrait of a Snow Leopard. :
LOT 123
Original Artwork
Snow Leopard

Oil on silver board

30 cm x 21 cm
In recent years elephants have been killed in Africa for their ivory at a rate as high as one every 15 minutes. That’s 100 a day. An average of three rhinos a day are killed for their horn. To raise awareness of these shocking statistics we asked artists and celebrities to spend the same time – 15 minutes – on a wildlife sketch to support our campaign.

The ‘Sketch for Survival’ exhibition now comprises over 160 pieces of artwork, ranging from 15 minute sketches to complex, time-consuming artworks donated by acclaimed professional wildlife artists across 14 different countries. We are also grateful to have the support of so many celebrity sketchers, from Dame Judi Dench and Stephen Fry to Ranulph Fiennes  and Ray Mears

 Each piece will be framed or mounted and exhibited online, as well as being displayed at the Royal Geographical Society during our Explorers against Extinction event on the evening of 12 October 2017.

The purpose of the exhibition is twofold : to aim to raise vital awareness about the threat of extinction to iconic species such as elephant, lion and rhino, as well as raising funds and donating resources to nominated wildlife charities and organisations.  All artwork has been donated to raise funds for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)and Animals saving Animals (ASA). Profits will be split evenly between them.