Talk: Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons

Date: 23rd October 7.30pm

Talk: Giant Pandas and Sleeping Dragons

Venue : Macclesfield : Civic Hall,  Palmerston St Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire


Details : Visitors will be welcome to join the Bollington Art Group for this special open evening, offering the opportunity to follow award-winning wildlife artist Pollyanna and her daughter Anna-Louise on their travels into the Tibetan borderlands in her quest to paint one of the most iconic of all animals — the Giant Panda — and see the spectacular paintings that resulted from the expedition.

A lavishly illustrated book about the trip has been published – and Anna-Louise was honoured to be a finalist in Cosmopolitan’s Woman of the Year Awards for her writing and photography. Both Pollyanna and Anna-Louise will be pleased to sign copies of the book following the talk.

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