Pollyanna becomes Patron of Wildaid


Pollyanna is delighted to have accepted the role of Patron to National Charity WildAid.

WildAid’s mission is to raise awareness of the issues faced by British wildlife by promoting understanding and respect for our natural environment through education. The charity believes that British wildlife is vital for our society, culture and economy, enriching all our lives and enhancing our health and well-being. They are concerned that now more than ever we are taking from nature more than we are putting back, leaving less for ourselves and for future generations.   Natural resources are being pushed beyond their thresholds and the human impact on our native wildlife accounts for thousands of casualties each year threatening their existence, and their habitats.  In our lifetime many species may disappear, yet very little is done to raise awareness of the threats to British wildlife.

WildAid was first established as a wildlife rescue centre and developed into one of the U.K’s most active centres of its kind.  The WildAid team have an extensive range of knowledge and experience in the environmental and education fields.  WildAid is now committed to focussing on the welfare of British wildlife by delivering grass roots projects and activities for young people.  With unique partnerships and focus on native wildlife they are able to deliver powerful and informative activities, connecting thousands of people with the natural world each year. WildAid also advocates the welfare of wildlife internationally. Through campaigns they raise awareness of the plight of wildlife exploited through trade and crime and brought into the U.K.

To find out more about their work, and for information about the many events they are organising this year – from bat walks to beach combing – visit www.wildaid.co.uk

Pollyanna continues to act as patron of several other organisations including The Born Free Foundation, The Badger Trust, Raptor Rescue, Cats in Need, Naturewatch, The ABC Animal Sanctuary and FABLE who raise funds for epilepsy sufferers. Earlier this year, she accepted the role of patron to the Howarth Gallery Artist’s Studios. Internationally, Pollyanna acts as UK ambassador for the Australian organisation Wildlife Warriors while locally she is honorary president of the Dronfield Natural History and Wildlife Society and the North Derbyshire Animal Support group.