Pollyanna unveils giant Tiger Image!

In her role as Project Arts Patron to Gallery Town, Pollyanna was guest of honour at the relaunch of this public arts initiative which aims to help regenerate Rotherham’s culture and economy through the medium of art and culture.

Gallery Town has sited including large scale reproductions of artwork in 60 central locations in the South Yorkshire town, making it the UK’s largest urban open-air art gallery.

Pollyanna helped to unveil brand new additions to the open-air collection including large scale installations of Johannes Vermeer’s The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Edvard Munch’s Scream and Soft Pressure by Kandinsky – and a huge reproduction of her own painting of a tiger ‘Cool Waters’ (below), which is now featured on a town centre wall . Pollyanna and the project organisers selected one of her tiger paintings to bring a little exotic wildlife into the town.

“Cool Waters is a relatively clear and strong image which we felt would stand out well against the red brick of the buildings – and so many people love tigers. It is amazing to see my painting blown up to such a large scale” Pollyanna commented “Gallery Town has transformed Rotherham Town Centre, and I am sure played a large part in the town winning the Great British High Street of The Year Award later the same month”

Guests on the day included Nigel Hague – the UK’s oldest wingwalker! – and father of the former Secretary for State William Hague, the Deputy Mayor, and an array of artists, sculptors and business people. Ged Omar, Gallery Town Project Manager Said: “Rotherham has unfortunately come under negative scrutiny over the last 18 months which has resulted in various perceptions of the town both outwardly and inwardly. However, fortunately the community of Rotherham including its businesses, visitors and shoppers continue to make positive steps in the right direction for the benefit of the town. Rotherham is regenerating as a town centre and Gallery Town is assisting in this process. By improving Rotherham visually and culturally it is hoped that tourists and shoppers will reflect positively following their visit to the town centre therefore enhancing its reputation.”

You can find out more about the project, and download a map of the outdoor gallery at www.gallerytown.org.uk.

Cool Waters has also been published as a limited edition of just 250 prints, each individually numbered and signed by Pollyanna. The Image size is approx 19.5cm x 56cm. The prints are available by mail order, priced at £100.00 (P&P Free). To order visit our secure online studio at www.pollyannapickeringstudio.co.uk

Tigers are one of the few big cats which enjoy to swim. In this enchanting image Pollyanna has captured the reflection and ripples made by this tiger as he swims through the still blue waters. Pollyanna has travelled into India on several occasions to study and paint the tigers and other wildlife. She has stayed and worked with Project Tiger rangers in Ranthambore, where she made the sketches which inspired this particular painting.