Chris Packham Picks a Winner!

TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham is a wildlife expert, photographer and author with a passionate concern for conservation and the environment, and Pollyanna was delighted that he could join her to draw the winning ticket in her annual winter prize draw.

The lucky winner, M. Wade of Burton on Trent has won a painting of swans.

Chris Packham is best known for his television work including the children’s nature series The Really Wild Show . He has been a regular fixture in our living rooms with the BBC nature series’ Nature’s Calendar, Springwatch and Autumnwatch since 2009. As a TV presenter, filmmaker, author and photographer, every bit of his work revolves around wildlife. Like Pollyanna he often gets very close to his subjects in the course of his work – he’s been attacked by a baboon, charged by lions and bitten by a puff adder! His strong opinions have sometimes proved controversial, but there is no doubting his genuine passion, and his impressive knowledge of his subject makes him an outspoken but invaluable advocate for the natural world.

Chris and Pollyanna act as joint patrons of two organisations – Raptor Rescue and Naturewatch, and Pollyanna has also appeared on his TV show Nature’s Calendar, sketching red deer live for the cameras! Pollyanna was delighted that Chris was willing to spare time from his very busy schedule to help her select the winners in the prize draw organised by her charitable foundation.
Like Pollyanna, Chris believes that it is unthinkable that anyone could maintain interest in wildlife without formulating a parallel interest in its conservation and the environment. He says, “I’ll never rest until I’ve tried to do my own small bit in terms of changing the environment so it’s a better place. I won’t do it for my grandchildren because I won’t have any and I won’t do it for yours. I’ll do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

Between the sales of prize draw tickets, donations and a percentage of sales from Pollyanna’s Winter exhibition the Foundation has raised £3000.00 to fund an investigation into Puppy Farming, and in particular the environmental damage caused by this distressingly cruel practise, in association with Naturewatch.


First Prize : 02797 : Original Painting : Ms M.Wade, Stoke on Trent

Runner Up Prize of framed signed limited edition print:

01330: Ms S. Goldsborough, Nottingham

Runner Up Prizes of signed prints and signed copies of Pollyanna’s Gallery Book

01295 : Ms D. Ibberson, Chesterfield
02760 : Ms S. Litchfield, Ashover, Derbyhsire
00993 : Ms A. Robinson, Stourbridge, West Mids
03363 : Ms J. Wood, Derbyshire
02861: Ms S. Leeson, Cheshire
01396 : Ms A. Ongley, Cheshire
03302 : Mr T. Twells, Derby
00141 : V. Walters, Nottingham
03753 : T. Dempster, Leiecestershire
00256 : Mrs D. Leyland, Burton on Trent