Pollyanna Officially Opens Wildlife Trust ‘Hut’!

A hut so good she opened it twice……! On 11th July Pollyanna was delighted to cut the ribbon and officially open the new £30,000 Observation Classroom at Willow Holt Nature Reserve (which during several years of fundraising was affectionately referred to simply as the ‘hut!).

The opening marked the result of a successful fundraising campaign by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, and its Farndon Wildlife Watch group for youngsters, many of whom joined Pollyanna for the opening ceremony (above). In the event her scissors turned out to less than sharp (meaning Pollyanna was almost reduced to attempting to chew through the ribbon!) – and just after she had finally succeeded in cutting it some additional press photographers arrived late. A new length of ribbon was found, and Pollyanna opened the hut a second time for the cameras!

A series of talks and events by Pollyanna helped to raise money towards the grand total in the run up to the construction of the new building, which replaces a hut on the site which was burnt down by vandals five years ago. The new facility will be used for educational lessons as well as being a meeting place for the Wildlife Watch group and other visitors.